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    Hotel Gamsleiten – Bernhofer Hotel KG
    A-5562 Obertauern
    Tel: +43 (0)6456 / 72860
    Fax: +43 (0)6456 / 72866

    E-Mail: gamsleiten@obertauern.net

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    adelsberger creativ media gmbh
    Hauptstrasse 20 · A-5600 St. Johann im Pongau

    Tel.: +43 (0)6412 / 20164
    Email: info@creativmedia.at
    Internet: www.creativmedia.at

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    VAT No. ATU 35496003
    Commercial registry No. FN 35813t
    Commercial jurisdiction: 5600 St. Johann/Pongau
    Chamber affiliation: Salzburg Chamber of Commerce
    Division: Tourism & Recreation
    Professional group: Tourism & Recreation 
    Competent authority per Ecommerce Act: BH St. Johann im Pongau

    Financial institution: Raiffeisenbank Obertauern
    Branch No. 35249
    Account No. 2019230
    Iban: AT91 3504 9000 0201 9230
    Bic: RVSAAT2S049
    Form of business: KG

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